Nec 3500 and DVD +R 16X

Hello Everybody
I want to ask if someone knows the ThatsWrite DVD +R 16X?
They are for sale for about 9.5 euros (pack 10) in my country (Portugal).
Before buy this i want to know about their quality and compatibility.

sounds pretty nonamey.

Those are RitekR04. Unfortunately I don’t think there is much info on the quality of these discs.

I’ve heard that the R04s don’t burn at 16X in the 3500.

Please point us to a link or something with this info. Thanks.

If the disks are in fact Ritek R04’s then they work for me at 16x (best I’ve gotten is 5 min 59 secs) on my NEC 3500. I used Liggy’s special firmware; I don’t have the link right now since I’m at work right now (surfing at lunch). I’ll post a link to the firmware when I get home tonight.