NEC 3500 and DL Media. Problem



Hallo. I hope not to ask again things already asked. I looked in previous 3d but I found nothing. :rolleyes:
I have a brand new NEC 3500, firmware 2.18. It works well with the DVD-5, 4.7 Gb, but I was not able to make it works with some Traxdata (Ritek producer) DVD-9 DL 8.5 Gb. I tryed with
Nero 6.6
DVDDecrypter (after creation of a iso file).
Always I obtain an error when the program have to start writing. The media remains unwritten (fortunately), but I do not what to do.
Someone have an answer for me?

Thanks a lot!!



a quick search for “traxdata” revield:


Thanks. I will try and let you know.


Thanks. Success!
Changing the FW I was able to burn my traxdata, even if it was burned at 4x instead of 2.4. I have noticed also that my dvd player (JVC) takes some time before starting to play. Maybe becouse of the wrong writing speed?


Offtopic: Would I get a worser burn if I burn my Traxdata at 4x instead of 2.4x ?