NEC-3500 and CMC media



I seem to have discovered an issue with the 3500 and CMC AF1 and AE1 media. The drive does not appear to finalize the media properly. If I put a burned disc from the 3500 into the BENQ 1620 and start CD-DVD Speed the size of the disc is not reported correctly. Also if I try to compare the disc to the ISO using DVDInfo Pro and a Pioneer 107 or 108 it tries to scan beyond the end of the burn. If I burn using the Pioneer or the BENQ then this is not an issue. Can someone please try this. This seems to happen no matter which firmware I try. I have verified this on two different 3500’s on two different PC’s. Dee, maybe you can check since you have both drives.


Worker: I don’t see the problem or I mis-understand your post! Here’s a 8X burn of CMC AF1 on a 3500, and a tranfer test done on a BenQ 1620… They look like the same size to me… :wink: :wink: :wink:


pcdoc, I should have indicated this happens when it is not a full burn. I’ll do some more testing and see what I turn up.


I experienced something like that recently. It was just on one rogue disc though. A datawrite grey top - fujifilm dye.

The correct ISO size was 2.9GB but dvd decrypter kept reporting it as a full disc ie. 4.38GB. It was as if the lead out hadn’t been finalised properly, as you said. I tried various firmwares and finally the only one which would recognise the disc correctly was 2.17 (riplock removed.)

Very weird.