NEC 3500 and Cheap CD's

I have a NEC 3500 which is very nice but I also have a 100 spindle of Datasafe CD’s that it will not touch. Has anyone heard of a cure to get it to burn these CD’s that my old DVD Re-Writer (Now Dead) was quite happy with.
Hope someone can help.

You can try one of the custom NEC 3500 firmwares that is known to increase compatiblity and burn speed, but this will also void your warranty.

See the NEC forum for more information.

Note that if you are using low quality media, not even the best burner will prevent them from decaying and your data from being lost.

I have a NEC 3500 firmware 2.18 and I have always problems whit cheap dvd’s
Example princo. And others I can write it but my NEC DVD dvd-rw don’t read it.
Could it be because I have any DVD on my pc or windows sp2 or something?
Or is that always so whit NEC.

Since this is about CDs, and not DVD’s, it’s safe to say that the modded firmware won’t help any.
There are some CDR tests posted in the original 3500 test thread, and maybe some in the media test forum too. Here, Ritek is the best option for quality and speed in the 3500. Forget the cheap stuff. If you have a bunch of the cheapies, get a LiteOn 52327S or newer burner for them. (It costs about the same as replacing a bunch of CDRs.)

Cheapies? Why buy cheap CD media anymore when even decent stuff is relatively cheap?

Heck, the Verbatim CD-R’s I buy from Sam’s Club cost something like $22-28 for a spindle of 100, and they burn at full 48x.

Have you tried 48X High Speed CD-R 80min RITEK from Shop4Tech ? They just went up I get them most of the time for $17 and no shipping. They all so have a 10% off coupon (“Holiday10”).

No I don’t work for them I just buy form them and I say why pay more when you don’t have too. :slight_smile:

Also Radio Shack routinely has Ritek CDs with rebates. Currently they are $5 for 50.

Is that in store or on the web? :confused: I ask cause I don’t see it on the web.
I interested in that as long as it isn’t something stupid like $50 to begin with. :slight_smile:

I saw it in an add which ran last week. It might be over but the rebate was only $10. I see these about every 2-3 months.