Nec 3500 and 3520: no bitsetting change?

Apologize all my poor english:

i have 3 nec (sic :slight_smile: ) master:

1300a Herrie firware 1.08 Holyday

  • (in wait to deciding, on a trial basis for 2 days)
    3500AG, silver USB2
    3520a, white, IDE2.

My question is this: if try to change the bitsetting value on USB2 get any result.

Firmware of 3500 is LD_V2beta4, uploaded in USB2 mode.
After, nec 3520, modified firmware in usb2 mode. only nec 1300a, after 1 year ago, installed herrie firmware in IDE mode.

My question are:
Possible USB2 firmware upgrade, is incorrect or NOT permit, after, in ide mode or USB mode, to change bitsetting value?

Only suspect, for my mental peace :smiley:

ps: after tomorrow, have to decide if hold the 3500 or the 3520. After have them tried, I will hold the 3500. Recordnow 4.61 works on the 3500. On the 3520, no :wink:

pps: my system video are based of Xbox Linux Modified, whit Samsung DVD onboard: dvd +R work in this exclusively of dvd-rom bitset. This is motivation of my old, very old, utilization of BS mode

tx for all :slight_smile: