Nec 3500 Ag



I purchased a NEC 3500 AG from TigerDirect. It shows in the Device Driver as DVD_RW. On the packing slip it is shown as a Dual Format which is what I thought I had bought. Will it or will it not write both + and - drives?


The 3500 will write to anything short of RAM.


Thanks. That’s reassuring. Which media brands work best with it?


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As chas0039 correctly pointed out, you will have no problems writing to both -/+ formats with this drive.

You can visit the Nec forum in the Hardware section for more info on your new drive.


I get very good results with Ritek G05, Ritek R03, Ricoh W11, Prodisc S03 (impossible to find anymore), MCC 8X -R ( good but not the best) and TY G01 (the best) Currently TY is on sale at Supermediastore, meritline, and shop4tech. This is 4X media that burns at 8X with no problem. Less than a year ago it was over $1, now on sale at 35 cents. If you bought a 5 year supply of this TY media you will probably never regret it.



I use 8x -R medias in both my 3500’s with ZERO coasters using the Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell brands-



I certainly thank all of you. This is one awesome forum. I will be visiting it often for help.