NEC 3500 AG remark

okay guys i had this drive for almost 3months and i been dissappointed because i heard great reviews and didnt satisfy my expectation. i been having this annoying problem when i burn cd-r. i use 52x Memorex cd-r and when i burn audio cds it only burns at 32x or less!! I heard from forums that the NEC burns at levels that it is safe to complete at a certain quality. So i just wanted to know if this is true or not. and if it is not, how can i “fix” the burner so it can burn at a higher level thanks for the help guys!

Hi and be welcome!

The story you heard is true. It works like this: a burner is equipped with internal software, called “firmware”. This firmware also contains information on how different types (brands/products) of media should be burned. If NEC (or any other firmware maker) found 32x to be the fastest speed to burn this CDR on with acceptable results, your burner won’t burn faster than that. Sure there are ways to circumvent this protection, but I think it’s for the best to keep it like that. There isn’t much difference in time between 32x and 48x anyhow, so better stay on the safe side…


Just throwing an idea out there, but a you making your audio CDs from a compressed music source such as mp3 files? Maybe the burning software / pc combo cannot decode the compressed audio files quick enough therefore setting the max speed to 32x…

hey thanks alot guys for the help i really appreciate it

Hey godfather183…

Just a thought but you could try a 48X cd. But go with a quality disk. This may bring you up to 48X. But like Dee-ehn stated your not gaining that much.



Remember this - the rate of burn to any given media is set by the firmware - not the manufacturer of the media-

Like - I use TDK (Ritek) 48x CD-R’s and my 3500’s burn them at 48x - because the firmware allows them to do so-