NEC 3500 AG Reading Problems



Amazing drive for everything, but recently I burned a load of DVD’s on my brothers drive and they just wouldn’t read in my Drive, the drive knows theres a disc there it just reports back that the disc is empty but it knows how much data has been written if you follow.

Anyone any ideas?


Only thing i can think of is the NEC can be a bit picky with reading although its the best writing drive i have owned…
Have you tried the discs in another drive (your brothers etc) to see if they work there…

btw out of interest i would like to know are the discs DVD±R or DVD±RW and is your brothers drive a pioneer…(this bit means nothing im only trying to see if i can see a connection with some other people who have this problem)


I got some RitekG05 last week from someone who had a Pioneer 109, 4 out of 15 could not be read. 3500A is a shit reader, SHIT!.

Those 4 disc could be read no problems in my laptop CDRW/DVD-ROM.


The drive I wrote them from is a (ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16), the media used was “ProdiscS03”. I have read the discs in loads of places, Uni, my brothers PC, both his drives. My drive just seems to be bein a right bitch.