NEC 3500 AG firmware: 2.TD or 2.TG?, which is better?

I am using 2.TD for my NEC 3500Ag external.

Usually burns okay but make 1 coaster for every four or five burns.

Using Ati and Epro lately, dvd-r 8x.

Is it suggested that I update my firmware to 2.TG?

Or does it not matter at this time?

Thanks in advance,

While 2.TG has some improvements, I suggest that you use better media at first to see if that gets rid of the intermittent coasters.

Thank you.

I have great difficulty finding hi quality original bland burnable dvd -r discs here in Malta. Most everything is a knockoff and one doesn’t find out till it is too late.
I use Disc identifier also.


“I have great difficulty finding hi quality original bland (SORRY SHOULD BRAND[I][U]) burnable dvd -r…”


I also had problems with 2.TD and 2.TG - and reverted back to 2.18 (Liggy 218btrpc.rar) with very good results-


bigmike7, what sort of problems did you encounter???


Primarily - not as good of burns on my Taiyo Yuden TYG01 and TYG02’s (which I happen to have a lot of)