NEC 3500 @ £49.99 inc. VAT

SVP ( are knocking out the NEC 3500 DVD ReWriter at £49.99 inc VAT check it out on their front page…corrr, what a bargain…mind it won’t write to RITEKD01 DL Media though…

It will, with the new Herrie / TDB riplock free, RPC1, bitsetting firmware.

49.99 Pounds ~ 73.53 Euros = very, very cheap (lowest price here in Germany: ~80 Euros (incl. VAT). That’s a no brainer imho, great drive at a great price.

They must have read this because its now £54.99 inc VAT!!

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Usually 99p shipping or 5% off. The £49.99 price was the offer for that weekend.