Nec 3500/3520

I ordered an NEC 3500 online recently (my first dvd burner) with the help of several posts on these forums. The online store said it was a 3500A and when it shipped the confirmation literature said it was 3500A also. However, It is by my bios and Windows to be a 3520, which is odd.

Anyway, I’m a newb, so anyone know how I can find out what kind of drive it really is?

I’d trust the BIOS and what’s shown in Device Manager.

Here’s a bit more info on this. It is identified in device manager as “_NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A”. I haven’t looked lately in the bios as to how it is identified, but that is what I remember the bios showing.

Believe it or not you received the newer model, but of course you can return the drive if you insist on receiving the exact item you’ve ordered :rolleyes:

That’s cool. I have seen a few posts here saying that the 3500 is better than the 3520 due to some reading errors. Now I’ve just read a few of these posts and I’m not certain that this is true. But the 3520 is overall better than the 3500, correct?

The 3520 is cheaper than the 3500, which is very suspicious.

Can someone explain that?

Here is the information from my order. Found it on Pricewatch. The website is

Item Name	  	SubTotal	 
1	  	NEC ND-3500A 16X16 DVD+RW/-RW DVD Recordable Drive

Audio Cable:: No
Burning Software:: Yes(+7.99)
Color Option:: Beige
DVD-R Media 5 pack:: No
Expedite Shipping:: Ship in next 24 working hours (+$4.99)
IDE Cable:: No
Mounting Screws:: No
Priorty Mail:: No Regular 7-10 business days Mail if Fine
Retail Box :: No 70.98
Subtotal: 70.98
Warning: USPS (10-12 Business Day) is not a valid UPS shipping method. Tax or shipping may be added to your order. :
Shipping: 4.95
Tax: 0.00
Total: 75.93

as far as I know NEC found a supplier of a cheaper chipset, and as profit margins are low on dvd writers, ditched the 3500 chipset suppliers, and made the 3520 from the cheapies.
Does that mean the 3520 is better than the 3500 ? who knows
all we can really tell is the 3520 is cheaper to make than the 3500

How about looking at the label on top of the drive. It will tell you…

Have a look at this, if you not sure…


Keep the NEC 3520.

Wait for a firmware update, which will fix most problems with the drive.

send it back and get the 3500!!! do you want quaility today or the hope of quality in the future…hummm…no brainer :bigsmile:

Nothing to explain. Many times new computer parts get cheaper, even if they do more than the parts they replaced.

The bottom line is the burn quality on your media of choice. I get extremely good burns on my 3500 with all the types of discs I own so I have no interest in the 3520 and its reported problems. Get some discs and post some scans on the burns and then you can decide. In the mean time report the problem to the dealer and go on record that you might return it if you find problems. It is getting harder to find a 3500; they might be gone. If you need media suggestions for media that work well on the 3500, try Ritek G05, Prodisc S03, Verbatim from MCC, Ritek R03, and Ricoh W11 sold as Ritek 4X +RW. The last is currently on sale at Newegg. All of these media burn with PI errors in the low 20s.

Chunky Styles, I think you can keep this 3520 because I haven’t had any problems burning DVD’s, but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue: It depends on the used media what the result will be. The best way is to try some burns and post the results here in this thread so people can respont to it.

Thanks for all of the info guys, I appreciate it. I guess what I will do is keep it and continue to use it. It seems to be working well so far.

Read other people’s experience with specific hardware. Judge if the problems are relevant to you, or just some “freak” problem, with no relevance to a normal user.

Must important with new hardware, if you can use it without any problems at all, be satisfied and happy with it.

Report you own experience with it, and other people can use your experience.