NEC 3500 2MB Buffer

Is 2MB Buffer when it says it has 2MB buffer the same for all drives or are there some discrepancies. I know when you have 128mb RAM then you really do have 128mb across the board but I noticed something while burning a CD in Linux.

Nero Infotool for all my drives says 2MB buffer but when I burn them with cdrecord in Linux I get these readings which I am not sure if are accurate or reflecting the amount of buffer.

52x32x BTC CD-RW = 1905 kb
Optorite DD405 = 1600 kb
NEC 3500A = 1312 kb

I do know that memory is considered expensive and saves money but I am not familiar with CD-ROM buffer and its configuration/ratio values. Is this reading I am getting for these drives something else? It seems like NEC has the least buffer of all of them and the other two are considered cheaper drives.

I had planned on getting a Plextor 716A at the same time as the NEC but couldn’t wait for the Plextor to get its kinks ironed out but I know they advertise a 8MB buffer. I would be curious to see what it would indicate.

Anyone have an idea if this 1312kb is accurately reflecting a standard 2mb buffer or are we getting cut short here somehow?

gotta store your fine, hacked, upgraded firmware somehwere right? kabukakakaboom

I’m running official FW and will try to stick to it unless I have to switch to hacked to get certain media to run.

I just noticed that while I burn with NERO and DVD Decrypter that the buffer meter drops dangerously low quite often (below 10%) more frequently then I experience with my other DVD drives like the Optorite. Because it does this way too often than I expected and way below levels I’m used to seeing, it makes me wonder if there really is 2mb of buffer in these drives. Windows says there is 2mb but it is just a rounded figure. Linux says otherwise but I am not sure if this reading is correctly reflecting the amount of buffer in the drive. Linux calls this space "Drive buf size: "

the buffer level dropping combined with the burner light flickering is normal see my create data disc here , i agree i does seem to do this more than my liteon 811s but its nothing to worry about.

These buffer dropouts are on AOPC points… every NEC does this.