Nec 3500 2.TA & Ritek D01 double layer



I burnt a ritek D01 @ 2,4x and the result was awful. The disc (movie) doesn’t play fine and breaks a lot. What can i do?


use verbatim DL media they are the only ones that work well with the 3500.


I have already bought 5 of these…


can`t you exchange them for verbatims?


It’s really a pity that these junk media are still around - and Ritek does not seem to improve them :frowning:


I have Traxdata DVD+R DL which give good results on my 3520 burner. On my 3500 they were crap but using the 3520 I now have good results.


I just bought a 3520 and i 'll give them a try.