Nec 3500 2.1A firmware released



2.1A download

2.1A 19.07.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.26
CD-RW Version: 1.24
DVD-R Version: 1.43
DVD-RW Version: 1.36
DVD+R Version: 1.64
DVD+RW Version: 1.37
DVD+R9 Version: 1.27

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

Is it the long awaited firmware with PIE/PIF support ? =) I hope so…


I can’t wait for you to get to the bitsetting so I can update my 2.18. Thanks for the tip. I hope your 3500 hasn’t rusted solid during the wait.


It’s a no go here…


It’s not


Let’s see if this thread get’s deleted too :rolleyes: . This sux, they aren’t going to release the firmware just so they can sell drives. Well, they can BITE ME, because BenQ makes a better drive than the other NECs, and the 3500a was their best one. So, if I do want PIE/PIF checking, I’ll buy a BenQ or Liteon drive, to scan my 3500’s burns. They may generate sales for their competitors by doing this, but not for them. Bungholes, releasing a new firmware with no error checking! :a Why even bother, that’s pretty much telling everybody to bend over and smile like a donut! Is there anything different with this firmware??? If so will it be used as a base for a new modded firmware??? Dang NEC, and their games, WTF, what do they think they’re doing besides making the few people that actually know or care about this mad??? Those that don’t know and care probably don’t care enough to buy a drive with error scanning anyways! :rolleyes: :a :Z :Z :Z


Feeling better now?


3540’s are down to 42.99 incl shipping…anybody want a lightly used 3500?


I got the drift awhile back and ordered a BenQ DW-1640 a couple of days ago. I’m handing down my 3500 to my neice, she don’t care about PIE/PIF, she hasn’t got a clue about them graphs. The main thing is that it burns and plays on her stand alone dvd player! NEC really makes me :Z :Z :Z


NEC 3500 2.1A… Nooooooo! Why!? :doh:

Might as well keep burning on my 3540A… Although 3500AG still rules. :bigsmile:


LOL, I told you all so. My prophecy is right previously that when NEC releases new firmware for this venerable 3500A, there won’t be error testing included. Maybe when hell freezes over… :slight_smile:


I see no reason to order a new burner, but I am certainly angry about being hosed out of error checking. I can get a good enough idea of how my burns look using my DVD-ROM and CD throttle, if I limit it to 4x or 5x, they look like a fairly good scan. I dunno, I don’t really need an error checking firmware, it would just be nice to have a feature that DOESN"T COST NEC A STINKING DIME to impliment! On the off chance that an owner of a 3500a is dumb enough to give NEC their business again just so they can have an inferior drive with error checking, they decided to never release the firmware! I just think that’s a SHADY way to do business, and I won’t deal with a company like that unless I have to. So, they can stick that error checking firmware up their :eek: , I don’t need it, I just want it. It’s just an annoyance that they would be that GREEDY! It’s just like intel disabling hyperthreading on all the B series northwoods, it’s just a GREED thing! :a :Z :Z :Z


Even if this is not the expected PI/PIF firmware I´m just happy that there is still support for the good old 3500A.
Maybe the next Maddog Firmware will be the one, we´re all waiting for. :wink:


well, I ordered a BenQ DW-1640 cause I needed another drive for a new pc and I wasn’t about to give NEC another penny. Although I was thinking 3540 for awhile because of the Dee and the likes. NEC never said/never promised error checking for the 3500, but when the rumor started here on these boards it caused a fever in me wanting it. I guess I shouldn’t blame NEC but this rumor really put a hurt in me. NO more NEC products and no more purchasing Mad Dog products with mail in rebates!!! Finally, got my Mad Dog $30 mail-in rebate after 205 days of waiting


Now we have to wait untill Liggy releases the RPC1/Riplock remove version :slight_smile:



Are there a media-table for this FW?


After seeing the quality of the error scanning on my 3520 I would not use the 3500 for this function, even if it was a possibility.


To Deer Slayer and other angry 3500A owners:

When you paid your money to buy 3500A eons ago, did you guys see NEC advertised error testing as part of the features? No! NEC does not have to implement error testing into 3500A if they don’t want to, it’s not part of any obligation. So don’t you all get too angry over this fiasco. If NEC releases error testing, then it is a luxury. If not, you still have a product that works as it should.

Get over it! :rolleyes:


When I bought my 3500 it didn’t have ES so I am not going to have a cow everytime they come out with a new firmware that doesn’t have it. I have burned hundreds of disks and my kpprobes results are so low and consistent that out of all the disks I have burned I have not had ONE with anything near unacceptable results let alone unplayable. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Or not.

Brother Vlad


Here’s a comparison between 2.1A and L&D2.TD (MD 2.FC based if I’m not mistaken) :