NEC 3500 2.16 and problem with nero disk quality test

I have tried 3 version of nero 6 and none of them lets me do the disk quality test. I always get “error initializing test” message…

On cds that goes well until every time stops before finishing into message “illegal mode for this track”

Any ideas how i could get dvd-quality tests working on Nero?

It’s not NERO, the ND-3500AG won’t do a quality test or a K-Probe scan as it’s not support in the drive, you can however do a transfer rate test with CD/DVD Speed, it’s as good a way as any of checking discs :wink:

Thanks for quick answer. I just installed kprobe and it doesnt work either like you said…
So is the problem in hardware of NEC or is it just that nero and k-probe have not software support for this drive?

Is there any other software that would make quality test with this drive?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not a problem with the drive, it’s just that NEC choose not to support error reporting, there is no software that i know of that will do a disc quality test with any NEC drives.

You could always get a cheap LiteOn DVD reader, it’s not that accurate but it will do K-Probe scans

Ok, but any idea why nec can do disk quality test on cd? altough it never gets in the end because of that “illegal mode for this track” errors…
should this drive handle that test without errors?

I have used the sector scan with CD-DVD speed. That should at least give you accurate results on whether or not the data is readable, correct?

The sector scan checks on a low level - I prefer testing on a file level. I use the program CDCheck from

Not that I ever see any errors - I am mainly using Verbatim or Fuji media and there are hardly ever any problems with them. If I do important back up (pics of the kids and the likes), I always do both transfer curve in CD/DVD Speed and a CDCheck.

Thanks. I’ll start doing the transfer test too. However, shouldn’t a low-level sector scan at least produce the same results a file test would do? If there are no errors, how could there be a problem at the file level? I’m just curious :slight_smile:

Another vote for CD Check :iagree: :bigsmile:

The ability to compare files/directories and perform crc checks in a nice little package.

And for the command-line junkies out there:
FSUM, a very small, fast, CRC utility that supports just about every type of algorithm you could possibly want!

Good Luck Folks!

I have a question/problem. I have tried to do a transfer test in Nero CD/DVD speed and I have stock 2.16 firmware and I always get the error “Incompatible Media Type”. These are PS2 backups so far that I have tried but in the end they should be raw data.

Any idea why I am getting this error?

With Nero CD/DVD speed (v3.30) transfer test, I get this error “parameter value invalid (052602)” when trying PS2 DVD backups or originals on my NEC 3500 and Pioneer 108. So maybe Nero doesn’t like PS2 DVDs. Nero CD/DVD speed will work on everything else, even PS2 CD backups.

BTW these disks were burned with Alcohol 120% on DVD+R