NEC 3450A Burns fine but there is no Audio!

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 and recently had to format my HD and start from scratch. Since doing that when I burn DVDs using Nero Burning Rom the burn process goes fine. But the finished product has no audio either on my PC or in a stand aloner DVD player. Please Help!!!

What kind of DVDs do you burn? Sounds like there is no audio information when you burn them.

I am burning DVDs of live concerts. the files in the folder are as follows:

Under a Video TS folder:

then in another folder there is a md5

how can I test if I got the audio with the d/l. no one else on the torrent has complained of no audio so I think it is something specifically to my system/hardware

Play the DVD with something like PowerDVD.

For a simple free player get VideoLan VLC. Add a shortcut to the desktop & drop one of the VOBs on to it.

Also get IfoEdit & open the vts_01_0.ifo. You’ll see an audio entry like

[I]Audio 1: English (Mpeg-1 ) 2ch 48kbps 20bps

Post back what it shows.

Could the audio be DTS? If you don’t have a DTS decoder, you’ll get no sound. Usually they put Dolby 5.1 on the disk as well. Try playing back the original disk and see if you can get the audio from a different track.

DTS was my thought as well.

When I drop the .vob into video LAN VLC it plays fine. Audio is all there.

Audio 1: Not Specified (Dolby AC-3) 2ch 48kbps DRC (ID:0x80)

When you play the original DVD in your PC and standalone, do you get normal audio?

This probably means you have no AC3 filter installed on your PC and that your DVD player can’t , for some reason, play Dolby Digital.

VLC has inbuilt support for all sorts of video & audio formats. At least it shows that the audio is there & ok.

Installing an AC3 Filter on your PC should solve the PC side of it. Get one here .

If you have not stripped it out, there is always audio. Check the installed codecs.

This is an old thread, but just wanted to let everyone know that I had this same problem and - after spending the better part of a day researching - finally found the solution here. Experimenting with the VLC player and then downloading the AC3 filter worked. Thank you!

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Glad an old thread was of use to you.