Nec 3250A And Princo 4X



I have the nec 3250A and Princo CD
and i want to know if the disc supporting with
new FW ???



Princo? Isn’t Princo known to be :Z?

Btw.: Welcome to the forum!


Even though these forums are called “CDfreaks” I see very few posts here on CD’s, it’s all about the DVD’s these days :wink:
Read the Big NEC FAQ (sticky here) and flash your firmware. The risk is very little and if the Pr***o support is not there you can always flash back, ie. take backup before you flash in the first place.
And rememer, AFAIK Pr***o is a dirty word here, rather bad media I’m told :wink:


Writes at 8x on my 3500A running Quikee 3ME (2.FC)


If you are in fact referring to CD’s, I recently picked up a spindle of printable Samsung’s (media code: princo, from Newegg). My LG combo drive does not have good support, and error scan was loaded with PIF’s. But burned excellently with the Nec 2510, with ZERO PIF’s. So I’m sure the write strategy will be similar for your drive and give excellent results.