Nec 3100ad

Hi mi dvd burner is a nec 3100AD from DELL. I would like to upgrade its firmware but dell hasnt got any. Could I use a oficial nec firmware from a nec 3500 since they are the same model??

You can, but it’s recommended to also change the drive ID. There already is a [thread=132450]thread[/thread] about it.

Thanks for your help liggy.

If I use your nec drive converter, afterwards, can I flash it with the original flashing firmware tool from nec or do I have to flash it with your binflash?thanks

Depends on what firmware is on the drive. But you will probably have to use Binflash as the original flasher probably gives a “cannot find target drive” error message. But both programs are basically doing the same when flashing a firmware - they just have different checks whether flashing is allowed or not.