NEC 3100AD and Tayo Yuden printables



Hi everyone,

I’m a noob and have one question. I have read around a lot here but with my rather limited knowledge I have to admit that at some point I just got a bit lost.

I have an NEC 3100AD (in a Dell 3.4 computer with 2GB memory).

I bought myself some burnables (Yuden) that are printable (I checked: they are real Taiyos):
a) DVD+R (fully printable to 118 mm)
b) CD-R (same)

My question:

a) If Nero Speed shows a graph in which the speed drops (almost rhytmically) every .5 GB or so (between around 8x and 3x), what does that indicate (could it have been a prog in the background … although I had nothing running really)? I did a normal scan of the disk and everything seems fine. My question: at what speed should I burn (I don’t care about the speed, really). Should I take the lowest in the graph, the average or the top speed?

Thanks for your help!