NEC 25xx burn quality vs 1300?


I see plenty of support for the 25xx drive for most media types except current Ritek. My 1300 has burnt 100 Ritek White tops purchased maybe 10 months ago with no failures, but I can only undertake a CD/DVDSpeed surface test.

So, can anyone say how good the 1300 is burning to media such as Ritek (error’s measured on other drives such as Liteon’s), TY’s, Verbatum?

I would really like to know that all those discs burnt that passed all green using CD/DVDSpeed have low error rates on P0/P1. Those people that have measured such burnt media in Liteon’s or other drives may be able to advise me. Thanks.

Current Ritek discs are supported fine on the 2500A. With my hacked firmware all RITEKG04’s, RITEKG05’s, RITEK R03’s and RITEK R02’s should work @ 8x :slight_smile:

Thanks Herrie - but Ritek inot most of Europe seem to be the low-end rubbish - you cannot rely on them.

What I have been trying to find out, and by searching this forum and failing (search criteria?), is a scan from some NEC 1300 burns done on those writers that can undertake P0/P1 scans i.e how does the burn quality of my older NEC1300 compare to the newer 2500 that seems to burn real good?

I’ll redo a scan on an old disk burnt with a 1300 and post it for you.

TY G01 4X on Nec 1300

Oh boy, the disc has a label though. Might have influenced readability ? I’ll try another

I’m pretty sure it’s the label! I still don’t get it anyway why people use labels? They cause lots of instability and can even make the disc explode when applied incorrectly :Z

Labels on DVD almost always cause trouble when used on DVDs. I recently read a test and it showed that discs which could be read without any problems before afterwards were beyond any specification. You should stick to CD/DVD markers instead.

Thanks Herrie (edit) and Liggy for the advice ! Still have some stock of nice avery labels unused !

Now Ricoh R01 on a NEC 1300 at 4X (also with label sorry !)

It’s much better but the difference is noticeable with a 2500 Scan.

Now enough with old timers !

How about a scan of a DL by Herrie :bow: ?

Printable RITEKG04:
2500A @ 8x with hacked firmware 107v2 Beta 4/5:

1300A @ 4x with 1.0B:

Prfect scans !

To my discount I didn’t know at that time of any Herrie tweaked firmware :wink:

I got famous with the 1300A hacks :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see the Ritek G04 scans from a 1300 burn being so good - still worrying to see the awful TY scans - lets hope it’s the label - as I have burnt many TY and trust them.


dumb question time. what do the scans mean. how do you do a scan and whats a good scan and a bad scan look like. bloody nubes lol

You’ll find alot about scanning if you search.