NEC 2510a

I’m having problems getting some new memorex 16x dvd-r media to burn on my system…getting an illegal disc error. I’m under the impression I need to do a flash upgrade, but every time I run the flash updater program that is downloadable from NEC’s website the drive will not be found. The drive is OEM, part of an EMACHINES t3526 system…any ideas?

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  2. I would recommend using the DOS-Flaher from the homepage of “The Dangerous Brothers” or Binflash v1.18
  3. The firmware 2.F9 is very good, try to flash your drive with that! I get pretty good results with it.

You can get all files needed (fw+Binflash) here:
It’s a great site from ScorpioSoft :bow:

That did it for me…thank you for your prompt reply and welcome advice :wink:

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