Nec 2510a write strategies

I had a 2500a before I opted for a Poineer 107 (thats giving me no end of trouble as per this link ) and was wondering if it the 2510A writes the same way, 4x 6x then 8x when you do a 8x burn, for example the 107 starts at 6 then jumps right to 8x. Does the 2510A do 4x,6x,8x or 6x to 8x?

Also all those Ritek issues ive heard about the 2500a (thou I used riteks ok when I did have one) do these still relate to the 2510a? for both G04 and G05?

BTW does this drive write to DVD"-"9? It only states “+”


  1. Yes the NEC uses Z-CLV 4X/6X/8X methodology.
    See the FAQ for a link to OC-Freaks review for more info.

  2. 2500 = 2510, they are identical hardware. If your 2500 drive does fine with your G04 media, it will do fine with it after being flashed to a 2510.

  3. DVD-R DL has not been released yet and I highly doubt that the 2500A/2510A will ever support writing to this format.

1st of all, do a little search on both this forum and Google: you can get more answers than you think! :bigsmile:
About your 1st question: NEC does 4x 'til about 20% of the disc; 6x 'til about 50%; 8x to the end.
I don’t know anything about 2nd question (I do not use, nor will, use or endorse Ritek media).
2510 does DVD+R Double Layer, that is different (I suspect :slight_smile: ) from DVD-9.