NEC 2510A wont read properly

Im kinda newbie and dont know much so go easy lads :smiley:

Iv had it few years now and only recently it will only burn CD’s , read Cd’s and play Dvd’s.

whenevr i put a blank CD into it it seems to acknowledge theres a disc in it , but then it wont do anyhting , when i go to my computer and click on it , then explore it reads : D/ is not accessible. Incorrect Function.

Here is a screenie of when it has a DVD+RW disc in :

I dotn think anyhting iv installed recently would have effected it.

Please Help a Newbie , Thanks

The OS is too stupid to know what iot should do with a BLANK CD…

Use a proper burning app and try to burn data on this CD.

I think i may have confused you by not explaining well.

Its fine with CD’s and DVD’s with films already on them.

Just Blank DVD’s which dotn work.

I think I may have to buy a new Disk Drive , any cheap suggestions?

This seems reasonable.

Nope, you only need to install a proper burning app like Nero, cdburnerxp or Imgburn to be able to burn DVDs.

In windows, you cannot access a blank cd or dvd.There is nothing on the disk, therefore explorer will give you the error you are getting. Your drive is fine seeing
it reads disks with data on them. This is just a quirk of windows.

ahh sorted. :smiley:

thanks guys.

Now this may seem a stupid thing to say but Im having trouble burning the Avi files iv downloaded to disc.

im guessing i have to convert it before i burn with cdburner xp pro

help would be greatly appreciatted


what has converting video to do with burning them to a cd or dvd?

That is really another area or section.

Check this: or use the superb SUPER.

I pretty much thought you had to convert AVI files before you burn them to disc.

: /

That is correct, but it doesn’t mean you must do that jobs in a row. :wink:

I’m using Nero vision now to convert and burn me films , takes long enough though :confused:

any way I can make it faster? Da Vinci Code took 2 hours to convert & burn

That is actually pretty fast for a longer movie. If you don’t want to wait, your other options are to actually buy the DVD(!), or buy a DVD Player that can play AVI files.

lol , ok mate cheers

buy a DVD lol you so funny

Such comments could make things worse.

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