NEC 2510A won't burn CD-R or DVD-R

Hi, I’ve been lurking at this forum for a while and finally took the jump last week. Thanks for all your great advice :slight_smile: I ordered the 2510, but I’m having lots of difficulty getting the drive to work. I’m using the stock fw.

First I tried to burn using Ulead DVD MovieMaker trial. This would stall and wouldn’t even get around to burning the DVD-R. So I decided to try NeroVision Express 2.2. I am trying to burn AVI tv epsiodes.

With NeroVision Express, it takes about 4 hours to burn (on Ritek G04 discs) and ends up with only about a centimeter of the disc burned even though its supposed to fill it up. All I can play is the menu and a 5 minute portion of 1 of the 3 episodes I burned. Then I tried burning a CDR and ends up, I can only listen to part of the first song, then the rest is static.

I have defragmented my hdd, but don’t know what else to do? Should I upgrade the FW? Or is this a problem with the drive??


I would suggest trying to burn data you know is good before making a final judgement whether to RMA the drive. Upgrading the firmware will possibly void your warrenty, so wait until you are sure that the drive is fine - the firmware upgrades can improve the reading and writing speeds, but not heal a malfunctioning drive.


One tool to make a test DVD is Nero CD-DVD Speed from . This way you are sure that troubles with the data is not the problem.


Thanks BenCarl. I hope this will work, but when I tried burning the CDR with an album I had previously burnt, it didn’t work…

Thanks again!

Try using this first sticky of the forum as a checklist for troubleshhoting your drive.

It could be DMA not activated, Nforce IDE driver, bad cable or connection…

Suepa, Did you ever find a solution to this? I just installed a 2510A in a brand new machine (running W2K) and have the same behaviour - will play CDs and DVDs, but my writing software burn4free and dvdlab say that there is no writable media in the drive when I try to write.

Tried running CD-DVD Speed… transfer rate is working nicely for a DVD but when I tried a CD it said “Illegal mode for this track” before any tests started.

The burner is sharing an IDE chain with a Sony DRU400 which is burning disks like a champ, and I checked DMA is enabled so does anyone have any ideas before I return it?

In the meantime I have an XP Pro machine laying around in which I will try the drive



Hey Paul,

I went through the checklist and it didn’t work (I’m running XP pro). Mine actually recognizes the media, and takes about 4 hours to recode and burn, but in the end I still only have the menu burned. I checked DMA, defragmented until it was only 2% fragmented, set the jumpers corrently (burner is master, regular samsung cdrom is slave), brand new computer so IDE should be working, ran cd-dvd speed and still nothing.

I’m pretty much out of ideas. The thing that gets me is that my CDRs don’t turn out either…

The drive worked perfectly on my XP machine so I had the ‘brainstorm’ of disconnecting my Sony DVD writer from the IDE chain in the new machine and now the NEC drive writes perfectly. I don’t see why I can’t have both together but maybe they are interfering with each other somehow. I can live with only the one burner if that is what is needed.

Good luck with yours.

Ok, posted too soon… I can write to DVD+RW discs but when I try to write to a DVD-R the program thinks the disc is a CD and nothing happens.

What program?
How about a screenshot?

Had Simuler Probs here at one time…This is what i now use, “DVD Decryptor” “DVD Shrink” “Nero” <(because it works Great for me)…DVDMovies Only…
Make sure that U Dissable XPs Burning Program before anything else, it Clashes with other Burning Progys…
Swap your Burners around, in some PCs the NEC likes to be MASTER on it’s Own, in others it don’t seem to matter…In some PCs it works best as Slave…Go Figure!!
I am NO Expert in this OK, This is Just my Experiences n what now Works for Me after a Long Period of haveing Probs n with “wesocietys’ Help” n Help from others…Rest was Trial n Error…Good Luck…

Thanks for all your help!

Last night I got it to burn a regular cd, I let it burn at max. I tried again to burn a dvd (from AVI) at a limited 2x speed, but that burnt the same stuff.

Then I tried burning a data dvd and that worked. Odd. I am going to retry with different configs… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, will post screenshots if it does not work.

Thanks again!