NEC 2510a won't burn any DVD's anymore -please help


I recently reinstalled by whole system and my NEC 2510a that was working fine for 6 month does not burn DVDs anymore. I started a thread in the NERO forum believing that it would be a software problem, but no burning software (Nero, DVD decrypter, Record now DX, Clone DVD…) is burning DVDs. I provided more detailed in formation in this thread

I would be so thankful if someone here could help me I am getting really desperate!

Thx in advance


nobody any ideas ??? Your help is really needed here!

Flash the latest firmware:

-Make sure DMA is enabled for your secondary IDE controller.

Check your ide cable and power connector.

So I flashed it to 2.17, but 0 effect!

One more question: I checked under my IDE 2 controller if DMA is enabled, but it says DMA if available and in the line under it it states that is not active.

IDE1 ( primary ) has ultra DMA modus5 enabled

Could that be the problem and how do i get my secondary IDE to enable DMA?