NEC 2510A with Bytecc

I just bought a NEC 2510A. I also bought a BYTECC casing that has USB 2.0 to connect to my Laptop.I am running Windows XP.

I am using the NERO ver 6.0 demo. Using the info tool i found out the firmware ver to be 2.15

No check marks also on the “Write Features for +R /RW” . I understand + and - R/RW should be supported right? Is the USB 2.0 connection involved in this?

I was able to burn a TDK DVD -R (bought it at Cosco) and the files were transferred ok.

I inserted a DVD RAM RW and its not able to read it? I guess DVD RAM RW is not supported?

Also do i need to change the “Master-Slave-CSEL” jumper pin at the back of the drive? or this is not relevant. Its currently on Master

Appreciate the help!

1.) The drive can write (and read) both DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W) media.

2.) The drive can’t read DVD RAM discs.

3.) Setting it to master is correct, so leave it as it is.

ok thanks.

Should i upgrade the firmware from 2.15 to 2.16? Whats the main benefit?

There’s a thread here somewhere about flashing to a USB or Firewire drive. You might try to find it B 4 flashing. Seems to be some trouble doing it.

It’s somewhere in the firmware flasher sticky thread.
Getting trouble when flashing in a USB case seems to depend on the external case used.