NEC 2510A vs. LG GSA-4120B

Guys, I don’t know why DVD burner I should buy. NEC 2510A or LG 4120B. LG costs about 30 euro more than NEC, but I read that it has a better quality. I couldnt find any reviews about those burners, so maybe you could help me deciding between those two burners.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Where did you read LG 4120B has better quality than NEC 2510A? I don’t know anyone who compared the two drives directly.

NEC ND-2510A is an 8x writer. Both the NEC and LG can do DVD+R DL at up to 2.4x speed. There are basically two things what NEC cannot do but LG can: 12x DVD+R and 5x DVD-RAM, where most users might just feel no substantial merit since 12x DVD+R recording with GSA-4120B is only a little faster than 8x recording regardless of the writer and DVD+R media capable of 12x writing speed and DVD-RAM media capable of 5x writing speed are very hard to find. To me personally, these do mean advantages because I’ll still try to find more DVD+R media that can do 12x and 16x writing and also try to buy some 5x DVD-RAM media when they become available in mass quantity.

I trust both NEC and LG. They are also equally arrogant to end users compared to LiteOn and some other Taiwanese companies which annoys some people but not some others.

Question: which vendor gives the best firmware support:

  1. LG
  2. NEC
  3. Lite On

Also which gives the highest quality burns.


Lg has no bitsetting!if your stand alone player has probs with dvd+r than buy the NEC!