NEC 2510A vs LG GSA-4120B: Your opinions please!

I plan to buy a new DVD Writer (My LiteOn 811S is crap…). I want to have one that supports DL writing (I know that the NEC 2500A is able to do so but i want an “official” DL drive). The two that interest me most are the NEC 2510A and the LG GSA-4120B. I need some opinions and KProbe scans to make my buying decision a bit easier. Do you know of any reviews on the internet? I only know the Anandtech LG review and it seems to be quite good. Thanks in advance :wink:

Unless I read it wrong, their DL test resulted in coasters

Anandtech has 4120B review? I have to run…

I forgot to mention: I will mainly using the burner for Movie backup.

Which does not necessarily mean GSA-4120B is not a DL writer. Ian@CDRLabs is also going to publish his review.

Though I myself didn’t test with DL media, it looked fine at burning DL and the recorded DVD-Video discs were played in standalones well.

The test results posted on are not to be trusted very much because it is not read by millions like I didn’t make them official reviews simply because I am not good at making homepage and it’s completely non-profit site but they are still reviews requested by LGE itself in April, about 8 weeks ago, because we’ve been doing that with LG and other companies for years. The reviewers keep the tested drives usually in Seoul but sometimes it costs more to buy dozens of different of media shopping around the thousands of stores in Yongsan market to test the drive’s writing performance and media compatibility since media makers and distributors do not always give them for free for tests with various drives. Anandtech reviewer didn’t even had 5x DVD-RAM and enough 12x-ready DVD+R media, perhaps because LG didn’t send them the media needed to do reviews but the review’s conclusion seems to promise further reviews when other drives for 12x-16x writing arrive.

Even the firmwares used in the SI reviews are not exactly “unofficial” but just “pre-release” for retail launch. They are safe for reviews.

Anyway, buy GSA-4120B if you indeed need 12x DVD+R and 5x DVD-RAM. If not, buy ND-2510A or SOHW-832S or whatever else that supports DVD+R DL writing officially.

Thanks very much Kenshin!

Do you know if the new NEC 2510A also offers the same great media compability and same great write quality as the 2500A? If so, i think i´m going to buy the drive as my PC is not powerful enough to handle 12x writing and i´m also not really interested in DVD-RAM either…

I don’t know but I can’t imagine why ND-2510A should be worse than ND-2500A or GSA-4120B noticeably in writing quality and media compatibility.

For 12x DVD+R (max) writing, about 16.5MB/s sustained read speed is required. Most PC systems can do it.

For 12x DVD+R (max) writing, about 16.5MB/s sustained read speed is required. Most PC systems can do it.

Yes, but my 1Ghz 512MB-Ram Athlon Thunderbird seems to work quite hard even at 8x. Also i think that about 8 minutes is fast enough for a DVD to be burned.

Perhaps your hard disks and IDE controllers are outdated, for the fastest DVD burning I mean. :slight_smile:

I once bought two 1GHz T-birds and tested overclocking with those to 1.3 to 1.5GHz. Maybe it was three, only two of them being AYYJH.