NEC 2510A under a $100!







nder 80$

(free shipping)
(no tax)


Please read title again.


That’s a 25




With it being so cheap that kind of clues me into believe that they basically used the ND-2500A architechture and didn’t have to redo that much. I guess that’s why the dual-layer capable firmware has proven to be pretty successful thus far. :wink:

Great price though! Most likely when I build a new computer this summer it will get one of those burners put in and maybe the LG that supports Dual-Layer and DVD-RAM. Always nice to have extra options. :wink:


They’re also listing it for $99.95.

So does the 2510A original firmware come with bitsetting?


Someone mentioned this place has them in stock and one of the other places above didn’t.


2510a release f.w is 2.15 and there is not bitsetting with this f/w


Newegg has it for $92.99 shipped:


In Denmark, has it for 775 kr. vs. 655 kr for the 2500A. Makes the 2510A seem like an obvious choice when im going to buy a DVD burner in a few weeks. But will all the fun modded firmware also be usable on the 2510?


Yes, the newer patched firmwares are based on 2510 firmwares!
They will work fine on a real 2510. (although you may have to flash in DOS) :bigsmile:


Okay,i know the new firmware is based on the 2510 firmware, i was just worried i might get a message telling me it was the wrong type of drive i was flashing(since is has been modified for 2500). But from your message it seems it be can forced from DOS?
All is good then :slight_smile: