NEC 2510A Speeds not showing up correctly, help!



Hello all,

I have just purchased a Mad Dog 8x dual layer burner. In Nero InfoTool it shows that I have a ND-2510A with firmware 2.05.

I have Nero Enterprise edition installed on Windows XP.

When I pick to burn an ISO image, or to make a dvd full or data, etc and hit write with NO dvdr in the drive you get a screen that lets you choose the speed. In my drop down box I have Minimum, 1x, 2x, 2.4x, and Minimum listed. Where is 4x and 8x? What setting do I need to change for it to show all the speeds.

Note this is with no dvdr in the drive. I know everyones is not like this, my friends LiteOn drive shows all the speeds fine whether he has a disc in the drive or not.

Also, if I choose to burn a CDR it lists speeds from 1-32x and I can burn at 32x just fine.



If you put a blank DVD in the drive, Nero will show all the available write speeds that there are strategies for in the firmware installed on your drive. In other words, you may see, depending on your media, a 4, 6, or 8x option show up in addition to the 1x, 2x, and 2.4x. With the stock firmware I may see 4x as the max for certain media, and then after flashing to a hacked firmware, the same media may have an 8x option appear in Nero. So, the combination of the firmware and the media in the drive will determine your writing options in Nero.


You are correct, when I pop in a 2x disc the box changes from 1-2.4x to just 2x, when I put in a 8x disc it changes to 1-8x.

Is there any hacked firmware that lets me pick whatever speed I want for any disc reguardless of what speed it will lock up at?

My current firmware is 2.05, I see that you can get 2.06 for added media support from NEC and Herrie has a 2.06 hacked to do this stuff but it doesnt say if it will do speeded up media:
For people with 2.0x on their 2510: 2.06 (2100@25x0, riplock removed, RPC1, RITEK DL support!)
Windows version
DOS version

If that one doesnt do the speeded up media then I may still install it for the riplock speeds removed.


Herrie also has a patched firmware with media speed up (V1.07 V2 beta 5) it will speed up selected media that is known to burn well at a higher speed. Try burning a 2X rated disc at 8X and you’ll most likely end up with a coaster. :eek:


I will look for that one and try it out. Where is the list of selected media that it will allow you to choose a faster speed for, or does selected media mean it opens it all up for you to choose what you want?


As far as i’m aware there is NO list of selected media, its mostly 4X media which you can burn at 8X, i know Ritek G04 dye burns at 8X without problems.


This thread lists media code along with “allowed” write speed for each firmwares.

Well, in case you want to ask “How can I find out the media code before I buy it?”, there’s no standard way. In some situation it is trivial (such as prodisc -4x is always prodiscs03), but not always.

Finally “allowing” doesn’t guarantee success, especially for overspeed burning. No one knows your disc will work at the maximum speed. Of course there are good media like TY that overspeed burning never fails.

Just read posts in media forum you’ll understand what I mean and find the best media for your demand and budget.


Thanks, I plan on reading all up on what media will be the most cost effective for me but the fastest. I still dont understand if the hacked firmware will show all speeds for all discs or just faster speeds for some select discs? Im not saying whether the burn will succede or not, for example with my stock firmware and a compusa 2x disc I have one option 2x.


On selected discs, for example Ritek 4X, it will give you the option to burn that media at 8X, but not for all media.


No. The thread includes hacked firmwares like herrie v2b4 or v2b5. If you see 2.0, 4.0, 6.0 for the media you’re interested, the burning software will show you 2x, 4x and 6x but not 8x. I think it is simple to understand.

There’s no acceptable generic burning strategy that works for all media. If a firmware do not have a strategy for the media, your burner can’t do anything. DVD world is somewhat different from CD world.


I have not put on Herries 2.06 hacked firmware. I did have 2.05 on there as stock. I am way confused about the numbering system on these drives. 2.05 and 2.06 are newer than 2.15 and 2.16? Is 2.05 newer than 2.06?

My compusa 2x media (shows up as PRINCO) still shows up as 2x :frowning: I sure would like to try burning at 4x on one of them even if it makes a coaster.

Burning still works fine after the flash. In DVDInfoPro it says Region: ALL and Region Code: RCP-1! :slight_smile:



2.0x are OEM firmwares and 2.1x are true NEC firmwares. For equal “x” the writing strategy versions are equal as well, so

2.05 = 2.15
2.06 = 2.16

The further difference from “5” to “6” is, that the default DL bitsetting has been changed to DVD-ROM.


I meant to say I have put on Herrie’s 2.06 hacked firmware but for some reason typed have not. I didnt see a way to edit my post. Sorry.