NEC 2510A set to Region 1? 2? 3?

I have attempted to make backup copies of a couple of DVD’s from my collection (Goldeneye, School of Rock, Boondock Saints) in my newly purchased NEC 2510A using DVDShrink. One of the movies (Goldeneye) I tried encountered an error when anylizing the disc:

“Copy protection error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted.”

As for the other two DVD’s, they analyzed okay but ran into this error while encrypting:

“Copy protection error
The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”

In addition, Goldeneye would not play in PowerDVD and only produced 10 seconds of scrambled audio and visual. Possibly the DVD Rom is set to something other than Region 1, as all my DVD’s are Region 1. Your thoughts…

Make sure you are using the latest versions of these software.
DVD Shrink
DVD Decryter
Nero Burning Rom

Use DVD Decryter to rip the dvd and then use DVD Shrink.
DVD Decryter is the best ripper it can rip Dvd’s that give problems in DVD shrink.

Though I should throw this in there - The .VOB file for one of my attempts which failed, lasting only a few seconds, ended with a message before going black that read:

“This player is incompatable with the region marking of this disc”

Has anyone else recieved a NEC 2510A and had this happen? I understand the drives are made overseas, which would explain the alternate Region. With this in mind, should I still flash the drive with Herrie’s 1.07 v2 Beta 5 firmware? I originally planned on doing so, because of the bitsetting abilities it allows for. But before doing so I want to make sure the drive itself isn’t flawed in any way.

Read this thread which explains how to update your ND-2510a for region free.

Also before ripping the DVD with dvd shrink try playing it for a few minutes in Power DVD

I use a handy driver which removes region and encryption from the DVD before Shrink or Power DVD rips/plays. Its called AnyDVD, Check out this forum Or download a DEMO here