NEC 2510a + RICOHJPNR01 scan result

As the title states I’m using a NEC 2510a (stock 2.15 firmware) and the media was burnt at 4X

I previously made a thread asking about the scan result when using a regular dvdrom (for reference here I couldn’t edit the original post otherwise I would have done so.) The dvdrom drive had very poor results, so I got a friend with a liteon 811 to do a second scan of the same disc.

The scan to me dosen’t seem to be the greatest burn ever, but seems average, I would like some comments however for comparison to similar burns.

I’ll probably just finish up the spindle and switch to some bulk TY now that prices have dropped considerably.

That’s not a bad burn at all! Also, the 811S is not the greatest reader. It can skew results a bit depending on the particular drive. There are some changed write strategies with 2.16 and maddog 2F7 that could improve your burns. But I don’t remember if Ricohjpn01 was affected.

Some Liteon 811s perform Kprobe scans very badly when set to 4x. Try it again at 6x and see if it looks better than at 4x. The above scan is by no means bad (it should play back perfectly), but I would expect better with that media and that drive.

I can get another scan done easily enough, the files burnt on the disc did verify completely, but I have had other disasters with some generic ritek G04 DVD-R (newegg branded “free gift”) those dvd-r’s failed to burn properly (unreadable files) while some retail g04 were fine. At the very least these have worked so far without any issues,

I have some coming from newegg…guess i should just trash em’?

Don’t trash 'em. McMadman might be having trouble but my 2510 likes the freebie newegg discs! Burn 'em on your BenQ.

lol…k I was going to give them a go just to see…thanx Mark

That result for ricohjpnr01 looks very similar to what i get (with the same PI increase at the end). I also have a nec2510, btw that seems to be a decent scan (IMO) and should have a good read/transfer speed right to the end.

Mr Madman

Its a very good scan for this media.
I wouldn’t blame anybody for going Taiyo Yuden though. They are better and consistently from batch to batch.

Wow! HS09 firmware?
Try updating the Lite-On 811S firmware to HS0R and then try a 4X PI/PIF scan again.

I’m sure your friend could appreciate an updated firmware for burning also.