NEC 2510A Reading Speed

I just received my Nec 2510A last night.

Firmware: 2.1.5

I just performed some test to ensure that everything is working before I start writing.

a) Checked Reading
Reading CD/CDR/CDRW - Ok
Reading DVD-ROM / VIDEO - OK

b) Checked Reading Speeds

I used Nero CD/DVD Speed tool and I noticed the following. Starting time 00:00:00 (just for ref) by the time it was half way through it was 00:15:00. That is 15 minutes to get half way through the first test. I just had a look into the review of 2500A and noticed that the same test was completed in less than 30 seconds.

I was using a DVD Video for the test. Is this normal or is there a problem with the Drive?

c) Using DVDFab

I also used DVDFab for creating a copy of the same DVD-Video into HD. The copying process took 30 minutes, were as creation of ISO images for Disk1 and Disk2 took 9 minutes each. I understand the latter is not related to the reading speed as it is done in HD. Is the copying of DVD-Video into HD takes this long?

you can get ur answer using the link below :

in short, use the rip lock removal fw… because original fw only allows you to rip movies at 2.4x (if i’m not mistaken)