NEC 2510a Reading Problems

Hey there,

I recently installed a new Hard Drive for my pc.

After I did this, it seems as if my Nec drive started acting up.

It is very slow at reading DVDs and CDs, and somethimes reports a CRC read error.

Just wondering what the problem with this could be.


Is DMA enabled for harddisc and NEC 2510

Check out the connection and jumpers setting if they are correct.
Maybe you should also replace the IDE cableor clean the drive/lens of the burner.

Yup, both are set to DMA jbv.

What would the correct Jumper settings be for the drive?

Depending on how they are connected, either Master or Slave.
I would avoid Cable Select.

just to give us an idea of the performance ren nero cd/dvd speed transfer rate test and post the graph