NEC 2510A problems



I’m new on this forum, so any help that I get is greatly appreciated. Anyways, I have the 2510A with the 2.16 firmware. When I start burning a disk with DVD decrypter or nero. The speed of burn starts out at 4X, and later on goes to 6X or 8X. The two media I tried this are ridata +r RICOJPN01 , which will start burning at 4X and later raise up to 6X. The other one are FUJI -r disks that are 8X. It will start burning at 4X and then speed up later to 8X. Is this supposed to happen, or i’m doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.


Yes this is supposed to happen…and since it’s happening this way stick with the media your using it should pretty much guarantee good results everytime (dodgy batch of discs excepted)…