NEC 2510A Problems with Discs!

I have recenty in the last week purachased a new NEC 2510a as i read ther reviews for the drive seemed good and it was at a good price, so it could replace my old pioneer 106d.
i burned quite a few tv program compilations i got off the net which were pretty rare to buy and so on.
Ive been burning on 2X Infiniti DVD-R which my Pioneer 106D loved, Every single copy came out perfect every time with the pioneer.
so i used the infiniti disc with the NEC, becuase they are high quality and they all seemed fine Burning the first 10 or so Discs - they played in the DVD payer perfect as they should but then problems started occuring…Now each disc i burn cannt be read by my DVD player or my Pioneer DVD drive. Only the NEC drive can seem to read it.
MY DVD player says “error No Disc” and the pioneer drive doesnt see a disc too.
Ive wasted over 8 discs burning now and its really pee-ing me off.

does anyone know what the problem may be,
Has anyone else had this problem with this drive before?
Ive used well over 250 Infiniti DVD-R discs before with my pioneer and never had a problem, so i really adoubt its a dodgy batch of discs.
What could it be?
thanks!! :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

p.s : also is there any DVD disc quality write check or dvd data check or read check software available to i can see if it has writen the data on the disc ok? (well it must of done to some extent becuase its own drive will read the dsics just nothing else will)

try dvdinfo pro to check if the dvd-r has everything correctly burned in it.

cheers, i tried it with all of the discs that dont read in other sources but there are no read error problems using that software.

Any other suggestions? What chances are they that it could be the new drive causing the problems?

You probably should supply your hardware specs, operating system, media code, and burning software with the exact version to receive more help on this.

Also makesure it is still showing the booktype as DVD-R. I saw another person that was getting there -R set to -ROM and they would not work for them.

this is my exact problem too,