NEC 2510a Opinions

A friend is buying a DVD RW and he had got the 2500 but saw the 2510a for 10$ more. He wants to get it but I thought I would ask about what probs we might expect if any…Is the dual layer working well?

I just did the same thing, I returned a 2500A and replaced it with a 2510A. I don’t think there is really much difference if any with SL media. I have not tried a DL disk yet as the y are very hard to find and quite expensive. The way I see it, $10.00 is not enough to worry about.

Agree with ccbadd. :iagree:

From what I’ve read in this forum, 2500a@2510a seems to be working for DL in most cases. So, I don’t think there is much problem with a genuinely badged 2510a. A Bitsetting capable firmware seems to be more important if you want to read it back from other DVD device. :slight_smile: :wink: