NEC 2510a (OEM)



Iv just bought one of these drives for my son installed it fine but it just wont burn dvds after i few hours of searching i realise i need some new firmware but the ones i have been pointed to say that its not to be used on oem drives
can anybody point me to a working firmware for this drive thx.

Current firmware 2.15


I think you should focus your attention away from the firmware. A new firmware can resolve minor issues, but if you cannot write DVDs at all, it is probably not a problem related to the firmware.

Instead, I suggest that you upgrade your burning application or even use another one. You could test with the newest Nero (, newest at time of writing that will allow you approx. a month of free use.

Another problem may be your DVD discs. Are you using high quality media, as problems may arise with cheap media? If not, try to use some top brands (Verbatim, Fuji or the likes).