NEC 2510A OEM Firmware, where?

Hi guys,

A real newbie here. Just got an NEC 2510A and more than happy with it so far.

I’d like to get a firmware update to play all regions, but I’ve been told its not that easy as it’s part of a full machine package (OEM) and won’t work, as I have to contact the OEM manufacturer to get a copy of from there - don’t fancy that!

Does anyone know where I can get this firmware and how best to install it?

I tried the NEC website but it just confirmed I need different firmware.

Many thanks,


Please post your current firmware version. OEM drives can be flashed with regular firmware using the DOS flash tool which does not impose any restrictions.

The Dangerous Brothers have a variety of NEC ND-2510A firmwares here:

I’d go for the 2.06 firmware as its the newest of all they have. (Yes, 2.15 is older.)