NEC 2510A not recognizing dl media



I’m new to CD/DVD writing, so this is probably a basic issue:

I bought an NEC ND-2510A about a week ago and ordered a Verbatim DVD+R DL disk to test the double layer capability. When I inserted the disk in the drive for the first several times, Win XP would recognize it as a CD and report ~500-600M capacity. The last several times I inserted the DL disk in the drive, XP recognizes it as a CD with 0 bytes capacity.

I am running Win XP SP1. The 2510 is in an external box connected via firewire.

Is this a drive problem? An XP problem? otherwise? Your help is greatly appreciated.



Interesting you said this, I have a 2500A and it occasionally will register to windows as a CD Drive not DVD Burner, but it always ends up working when i tell it to bur. If I were you I’d just load up Nero or Clone DVD and see if it works when you get some data on it. When you get it burnt maybe then it will recognize as the 9 gig disk


Well, I was reluctant to risk turning a DL into a coaster, but indeed, I tried. Unfortunately to no avail. Error message to the effect of unable to access the drive… :frowning: This is puzzling as I have successfully written DVD-R, DVD+RW, and CD-R.


odd, my version of nero saw my 2510a as a 9 gig burner soon as I installed it. What firmware and burner app you running? :slight_smile:


I’m running the standard firmware and using Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD.


I don’t use Pinnacle, so really cant say if it supports dl drives. I hear it talked about here and there…usually good reviews, does thier site support drive updates, perhaps you need to update?

I use nero ultra on a standard un-hacked 2510A firmware 2.15 without trouble.

I cant say for sure…but if it burns 4.7 and cd-r…I’d be more inclined to believe that pinnacle as installed cant take advantage of dl…

just my 2 cents


Thanks for the pointer…I researched both Nero and Pinnacle software on their websites. Nero specifically claims to be DL compatible. However, I wasn’t able to find any specific claims on Pinnacle’s site that the software is DL compatible; although, their hardware compability chart includes the 2510A. Guess I’ll be buying a copy of Nero. :slight_smile:



I had all kinds of problems with PINNACLE 8-SE,so now I use nero and now :bigsmile: mine works fine?


dload the trial version, let us know how you fair…I think you’ll be pleased. :iagree:


Well, I tried to download the trial version, but the one I found on CNET was only valid through July 31. So I went ahead and bought the full version of Nero 6 (got a great deal, BTW). Good news and bad…

The good news is that Nero immediately recognized that the drive has 8.5 gig capacity. I was stoked, so I tried to write to my file immediately to my DL disk…

The bad news is that in all my previous efforts, I’d already “coastered” the disk. So I’ve ordered 2 more and am waiting for them to arrive (they should be here next Monday).

I’ll let you know my success/failure next week. thanks for all the help…



Thats too bad, but good to hear Nero is atleast recognizing the capacity. Good luck on your next try with the new discs. We look forward to hearing how the burn goes… :iagree: