NEC-2510A & Nero CD-DVD Speed Problems


I’ve been trying to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to test my NEC-2510A (2.F8) with Datawrite Classic 8x DVD-R [review here:]

I’m having various problems, most of which are probably media related, so I’ll post about them in the media forum, but one that appears peculiar to the software is that when I try and run the the CPU Usage test it spins up but then stops with an error. I tried to run it again but the same thing happened, albeit with a different error. I noticed that I had a old version (2.10.2) so I upgraded to 3.61, but this does exactly the same (well almost, it only produces the ‘No Seek Complete’ error).

On the bright side, upgrading increased my Burst Rate results from 1MB/s to 23MB/s :slight_smile:

Is this a common problem with this drive, or is it just me?