Nec 2510a Is It A Good Drive

Hi i’m new to this forum and i have read through alot of the threads regarding this drive.Most compare to the 2500 drive.All i want to know is the 2510a a good drive or has it got any major problems i should consider before purchasing one.

Thanks Godzilla 112

2510A is a 2500A with DVD+R DL added they are 100% identical so any 2500A review will tell how the 2510A is too.

You can take a look at the review did of the drive (branded as a LaCie drive) here:

No! It is an Evil Drive ! :eek: :eek: :a :a

You will come home and find that all your IDE devices are now slave drives, and the 2510a is the only master ! :bow: :bow:

It will require the daily sacrifice of a 650MB TY disk ! :rolleyes:

Mysteriously, try as you will, you will never be able to remove it from your system ! :frowning:

Such are the times we live in. :sad:

Much appreciated for all your help.I have read the test guide on the attachment and it sounds like it is a little sluggish in areas but overall a good drive.Obviously my main concern is when backing up my games which indicates it may have some problems.The speed does seem a little slower than other 8 x speed drives as well but i will always have my trusted Lite-on dvd writer to assist in the areas it will not cover.So overall with the price so low it is worth a shot


Godzilla 112

ROTFL! :bigsmile: