NEC 2510A increase read speed?

Is there a firmware to increase the rip speed for this drive? I am thinking about using herries 1.07 v2 beta 5 but was not sure if it is safe to use this on this drive, it was made for 2500 drive to convert it to 2510 which I have. Any suggestion to help me increase the rip speed? It currently ripped at 2x which takes about 30 mins in dvdshrink. Thanks.

You should probably search the forums but I will give you some quick help. All current information shows that 2510 and 2500 are the same except the firmware. More directly, the hardware is the same.

If you just want the rip lock removed, I would look at the dangerous brothers firmware. The latest version of 2510 firware is 2.06 (even though 2.15 is a higher number). DB have a version of 2.06 stock, 2.06 with riplock remove, 2.06 with riplock and rpc1.

The DB firmware will not let you do book typing, or some specifc 4x media at 8x. For that, I would look at Herrie’s firwmware. I use the DB 2.06 with riplock and rpc1. My current media burns at 6x and that is fine with me.


Try reading the read first files in the forum. Here is a reference to

They got 2510 firmwire with riplock removed. By reading the read firsts you will find out that the 2500 and 2510 are considered identical and you therefore can use Herries magnificient firmware.

You can use just the rip lock only.

Anyway Herrie’s v2b5 is based on a 2510A firmware despite he changed the title of the firmware to 2500A. (OK. It’s HP oemed one, for those who care about it.)

If some people have to worry about the hardware difference, they are 2500A owners not 2510A owners.

Thanks guys, I finally got it flashed to 2.06 and it is ripping at 6-7x in dvd decrypter which is a lot better than 2.4x. You guys have been very helpful.