NEC 2510a in the UK £75

Just recieved a email from Bigpockets, thought I would share:
£74.99 Including VAT + Free Delivery

Product name: ND-2510A
Data transfer rate read
DVD: 12x CAV (max. 16,200 Kbyte/s)
CD: 40x CAV (max. 6,000 Kbyte/s)
DVD-R: 8x (max. 11,040 Kbyte/s)
DVD-RW: 4x (max. 5,520 Kbyte/s)
DVD +R: 8x (max. 11,040 Kbyte/s)
DVD +R9: 2.4x (3,300 Kbyte/s)
DVD +RW: 4x (max. 5,520 Kbyte/s)
CD-R: 32x (max. 4,800 Kbyte/s)
CD-RW: 16x (max. 2,400 Kbyte/s)
Access time DVD: 140 ms
CD: 120 ms
Memory: 2 Mbytes
Interface: ATAPI Ultra DMA 33 mode 2
PIO mode: Mode 4
Audio connections:
Headphone, volume control, analogue- and digital output
Media supported:
with 80mm and 120mm diameter

Modes supported:
DVD-ROM, DVD Video, CD-DA, CD Extra,
CD-I Ready, CD-Bridge, Photo-CD, Video CD
Writing methods
DVD: Random Access Writing (DVD±RW)
Sequential Writing (DVD±R/DVD±RW)
CD: DAO (disc at once), SAO (session at once), TAO (track at once) with zero gap, variable or fixed packet, multisession Special features: Vertical operation possible Anti-dust seal PC 2001 Certification MultiRead compliant

All specifications are subject to change without notice
All trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
NEC launches advanced dual layer +/- DVD RW

Doubling the capacity of previous drives to provide 8.5Gb of storage space
NEC’s first double layer device to offer multi-format compatibility
Offering advanced solution for digital media recording and PC back-up

NEC (UK) Ltd today announced the launch of the ND2510A, an advanced double layer 8x DVD re-writer. The new model incorporates NEC’s leading optical storage technology to offer a high capacity, reliable device, ideal for digital video recording, storage and PC data back-up applications.

The ND2510A delivers high-speed write and re-write functions, and is one of the UK’s first dual format drives to support DVD +R9, the new double layer standard. This allows users the flexibility to choose a wider range of DVD R media without compromising performance or storage capacity.

The development of double layer technology literally doubles the storage capacity of DVD R discs. Because both layers can be accessed from the same side, there is no need for users to turn the disc over to use the additional capacity. With the NEC ND2510A it is possible to record up to 8.5Gb of data, equating to approximately four hours of DVD media or 16 hours of VHS video on one DVD disc.

In addition to improved ease-of use, the ND2510A will deliver significantly improved performance, ensuring users need no longer compromise on quality of video and stills due to lack of space on the disc. It also offers significantly faster recording speeds, for example a 1 hour DVD can be recorded in less than 10 minutes.

The ND-2510A incorporates NEC’s ‘high resolution writing strategy’ and ‘Active Optimized Power Control’ (Active OPC) to enhance the quality of written data. Active OPC dynamically monitors writing power and reflection of the media in use, calculating the optimum laser power and adjusting it in real-time, to overcome

NEC Multispin ND-2510 8x DVD±R/RW 2.4x DVD+R9 (Dual layer) Writer

We have negotiated a price on the new NEC 2510 dual layer 8x +/- R writer (released on 2/6/04 in the UK).
This drive can record to 9.4GB Dual Layer media at 2.4x, or to single layer DVD+R or –R at up to 8x.

ONLY £64.99


Whoops, SVP again

It had to be cheap really didn’t it since it’s easy to upgrade your 2500A, and success seems to be high according to feedback at a thread started by Herrie on

Shame DL media is non-existent in the UK at the moment…