NEC 2510A fw2.21 - Sony DVP NC665P



Ok here’s the deal. I’ve been trying to get my +/-RW disks to work in my DVD player (aforementioned Sony DVP NC665P). The manual states that it is compatible with DVD-Video on DVD-R/RW disks. DVD+R disks work great, but for some movies that I just want to watch once or twice then get rid of, I would like to use my +/-RW disks. Both disks result in the same message. Something to the effect that ‘Playback was prohibitted due to region restrictions’… Along those lines, may be worded alittle different. The DVD player is region code 1. I have tried to change the images to be code 1 and region free to no avail. I have also updated my firmware to v2.21 and enabled bitsetting via DVD Info Pro. Whatelse can I do???

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Post a DVDInfoPro info dump of all of the information on your DVD-RW.


This one is for the +RW that had bitsetting to DVD-ROM…

This is for the -RW without bitsetting…

I hope that’s what you wanted… Both were burned with Nero (.15 updating to .17 tomorrow sometime and will attempt again…). Both disks result in the same exact message… Like I said before, DVD+R disks have worked great on EVERY burn. If I can’t figure this out, then maybe I’ll just stick to +R’s and use my +/-RW’s for data.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Well as you can see from your screenshots, your discs are region free, so your player should not be giving you ‘region restriction’ error message. :frowning:

Reports on this standalone player at videohelp give mixed messages.
Some people can play any type of disc on this player, while other people have trouble playing ANY type of recordable DVD disc…
Perhaps you have a unit that is picky…

You might also want to try different types of DVDRW discs, as some players do not work well with some dye types.


Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I just got this burner about a month ago and just got into the +/-RW’s this past week. I think I’ve burned both of those movies about 5 times each with different settings each time with no luck. I’ve made several MP3 DVD+RW’s for use on my laptop and all have worked flawlessly. There’s nothing quite like carrying your entire CD collection on 6 DVD’s in 192kbps quality.

I’ve got Memorex -RW’s (Ritek) and Fujifilm +RW’s (Ricoh). I’ll have to shop around a bit to find some other manufacturers.

What type of media would you recommend?

And where do you guys normally purchase your media (in the US)…
I’ve just been getting the small packs from the local BJ’s store here…


Ok just tried it again with a -RW disk and this is the EXACT error message:
“Playback prohibitted by area limitations.”

GEEZ… Such a simple problem, just never noticed it. Both of these images were in PAL (25fps) and not the 23.976fps that NTSC (and my DVD player) requires.

Thanks for the help. I’m going to try and get a NTSC image and give it a whirl with both of these disk formats.


glad to hear you straightened it out!
You originally stated that the error message was “region restrictions” , which caused us to run down the wrong troubleshooting path.