NEC 2510A for bitsetting DVD+R to DVD-ROM?



I recently was exposed to DVD movie backing when a friend of mine purchased a DVD burner. I had him back a movie of mine, The Last Samurai, in the DVD+R format and it worked great , except for on my xbox (Samsung drive).

Basically here’s my situation:

I’m fairly confident that by bitsetting the DVD+R’s to a DVD-ROM format will fix the problem with my xbox. I read that by “flashing” or “installing firmware” to the NEC 2510A will allow for this bitsetting. I’m not concerned with bitsetting any Dual Layer discs at the moment, I’m only considering the 2510A over the 2500A because the prices are almost identical (maybe for DL in the future). So my question is this - Which firmware program would be sufficient for my situation, (Herrie’s, DVDINFOplus, ect…) and how does this flashing process work? I do understand that the firmware causes a permanent change on the DVD drive (and voids warrenty).

Finally, if anyone has imput on how successful this drive would be for my purposes (including the backing of 2-3 hour DVD’s), along with information about burning 4x media at an 8x speed with this burner (a minor concern) it would be appreciated. Thank you


please read the FAQ and the firmware and modding links posts at the top of the forum… pretty please.



Ive flashed my NEC2510a with Herries hacked 2k5107v2b5dld and it works great for bitsetting and also lets you burn a lot more media at higher speeds than 4x. Note that the flashing needs to be done in real DOS and after youve flashed the drive it will show itself as NEC2500a but do not be alarmed, this is normal and the drive will still keep all its original functions (including DL+R burn capabilities) and more - like bitsetting, higher burn speeds... You can apply bitsettings with DVDInfo Pro (freeware) Find instructions on how to flash your drive at Herries website here

              Good luck


I appologize to cnlson for the erraneous post, I was getting lost in the forums if you can believe that…

Yordan - I appreciate the reply as it cleared things up for me. I do have a few more quick questions if you have the time. Say I get the burner, test it to work fine, flash with herrie’s in DOS, apply bitsetting in DVDInfoPro… from there would downloading DVDShrink v.3 be the best route for a burning program? My main concern is being able to copy my collection of DVD’s ranging from 1:15 - 2:45 hours, without losing much quality. Thanks!


For this topic, visit They have comprehensive guides for all kinds of movie backups. Here’s a direct link to DVD to DVD backups. Note that DVD-9 refers to the DVD’s in your collection (dual layer).


Most of my back ups have been done using DVD Shrink and Nero (you need both programs installed on your PC) and qualitywise there isnt much more that I could want. Make sure that you check Shrinks site in the next 1-2 weeks as an improved version of it (DVDShrink3.2) is expected to be coming out which will offer even better quality on movies that need more compression.