NEC 2510A firmware problems, and dvd burning

I have recently used mad dog firmware with my nec 2510a burner as I had trouble using certain make dvd- media, it would work with some - discs but not others, (it is a dual forrmat drive), and I was told on a forum that the firmware would fix this. So I ran a program which would ‘flash’ the drive…but now Im having problems with it. When I try to burn a movie file or backup a dvd, it burns but when played in a standalone dvd player the audio sounds like its ‘underwater’. Is this due to the firmware update I tried? Have I ruined the drive? Can I revert it back? Everything worked fine before I messed with it! Worst case is I can swap my drive with a spare Plextor I have but Id rather fix this problem.

I have just downloaded the firmware update on this site for the nec 2510a, version 2.18. When I run the software, it says ‘nec drive not found correctly’…is this cos I ran some other software first when I tried to update it before? Has it destroyed the drive which is why it’s not recognised?

I used the Dangerous Brothers madog windows flash program on my drive if its any help…

Get the latest firmware from Liggy & Dee’s website here .

Ok, downloaded the file, what do i do with the bin file? burn it then?? Wll this reset the drive?

Just read “How to Flash” on the page I gave you.