NEC 2510A firmware HELP!


I have a NEC 2510A drive and I don`t really understand the flashing procedure. I know this is not nice to ask, but please help me! I am very afraid that I might do something wrong and destroy my drive. I have read through the posts but there are so many and I am very confused.

So, my question would be:

Which firmware to use? The one that is stable (the quality of burning is the most important for me) and offers the best capabilities. Please provide me a link, as I don`t want to download a wrong one.

Which flasher to use?

Here is the info that DVDinfoPro shows:

Extra info: 47B1S26C111
Firmware Revision: 2.16
Region Control: RPC-2

Thanx for your help in forward and wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


You can use any NEC ND-2510A firmware or the firmware of a rebadged ND-2510A such as the Mad Dog OEM or an HP DVD Writer 520n, etc. This will allow your burner to burn DVD+R DL discs. You will need to use a third party flash tool such as BinFlash or TDB’s DOS flash tool.

As far as suggestions on firmwares I’d suggest either using Mad Dog’s 2.FA Firmware for the NEC 2510A or Herries last firmware, think it was 107v2b5 for the 25xx series.

Thanx people!

But why is it better to use a hacked firmware instead of the original NEC?

OK, I know, one thing is region free and rip-lock removal. But asre there any other advantages?

AfaIk, NEC 2510A SUPPORTS double layer writing with original firmware!?

Once again, sorry for my questions if they are stupid.

I think I will try to use MadDog’s 2F8RPC. Is it a good choice? Should my drive behave better than with the offical 2.17 update?

And my firmware version is 2.17. There are versions like 2.07 which are the same as 2.17. What is the difference?

OK, the most important Q is, should I flash this firmware?

“NEC ND-2510A 2.F8 (from Mad Dog 2.F8), Ritek DL support, SL & DL bitsetting, Riplock removed and RPC1” from

Thanx in forward!

Please help me! Still wating for the aswers before flashing!

And can you please provide a link in a reply to the firmware that I have to use, in order not to download a wrong one.

If you choose to flash your drive with a modified firmware, you will loose your warranty.

In my opinon bitsetting are the biggest advantage off modified firmware.

If you don’t need bitsetting, and satisfied with your drive, keep the original NEC 2510A firmware.

You have to decide if it worth loosing warranty, against the benefits of modified firmware.

The name of the modified firmware 2F8RPC.rar, seems to be a good choice.

Yes, I know that I will lose warranty if I flash with the modified formware. Concerning the bitsetting: I dont’t really need it. My stanadlone divx player accepts -+r(w) discs and I think there are no other benefits of using it.
Ripl-lock for pressed DVDs are not a problem also; I use my Sony DVD-Rom for this. Concerning the speed of writing, 4X is just enough, even if I had a 16X writer I would stik to 4X writing.

So, i guess, no need of using hacked firmwares. I will stick to the official NEC ones.
(RPC protection not a problem because my Sony is RPC-1).

And as far as I know, 2510A supports DL DVD+R, but I haven’t tried yet.

Thanx fot your help, people!