NEC 2510a DVDRW + WinXP issue

I have already flashed the drive to firmware version 2.17, but will note it wouldnt function correctly as 2.15 or 2.16 either.

OK; No matter what software settings I change- Windows XP detects this drive as a “CD Drive” rather than a DVDRW; and as such I cant write to it with any media. Nero doesnt detect it; CD Mate doesnt detect it, Roxio doesnt detect it. As far as any software is concerned this is just a reader; not a writer.

Im using win XP Pro ver 5.1, build 2600. No Service packs are currently installed. Furthermore I am certain all leads both work and are correctly installed; and jumpers are set correctly.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Obviously this drive is useless to me as it is now. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out and if you need any more info. from me just ask

As long as you have the discs to reinstall it I’d say to try and uninstall Roxio Easy CD Creator if you use Nero more. Honestly, if you just installed Nero and the problems started then it sounds like it’s more Roxio problems. I had a friend that installed a DVD Burner and we spent hours trying to figure it out. Yanked Easy CD Creator out, restarted his PC, and bang the drive was detected and worked properly from that point on. :slight_smile: