NEC-2510A - can't recognize double-layer media

I have a 2-yr-old Gateway desktop with a NEC-2510A DVD double-layer optical writer. I’ve burned many archive DVD+R backups, but when I bought some DVD+RDL disks, neither NERO nor Roxio would work - both indicated it was an unacceptable media. I went to the NEC site to get the latest firmware, NEC-OpticalDriveFirmwareUpdate_K251GN90.exe and tried to run it. I get the following message:
“Target NEC ND-2510A is not found correctly”
…but System->HardwareManager says it’s there and working fine.

I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

I think the 2510A is a single layer DVD burnner. I think the firmware you are using is incorrect.
This is a official site for the proper firmware.

Also in this forum their is a NEC optical drive forum just below International Chat Hardware

Hope this helps


My DVD drive says on the face in large letters: “double layer burning 8.5 GB max capacity” - and the hardware manager says it’s a NEC ND-2510A. So it MUST be a double-layer drive.

However, I’ll look for the NEC forum. Thanx.

Also if you can remove your drive from your computer take a look at the label the manufacture sticker to see what the exact make and model. That is also a good place to look at as well. But could be that your software is not updated and need a update as well. Sounds like some kinda software problem communicating with the drive. Also what kinda media are you using ? But do take a look at NEC site support to see if you can locate a solution to your problem as well.

Your are correct the NEC 2510A is DL +R Burnner at 2.4X. I pulled mine out of storage to check it.

Go to the site I referred you too and flash with the latest firmware. Then try the media and see if its recognized. Some drives are very picky with DL media.
I use verbatim DL media in an NEC 3540 drive.

What media are you using.


Thanks for the advice. I haven’t gone to the site to “flash” the ND-2510A drive yet… I thought that was what the NEC K251GN90.exe firmware update download was supposed to do.

I’ve tried using “Memorex DVD+R DL” and I also tried “Office Depot DVD+RDL” - in both cases Roxio and NERO say it is incorrect media.

Go to this site and download the 2.19 firmware. There’s a guide there as well on how to flash.

Your 2510 most likely will not be able to have successful burns on the media you’ve got as it’s very poor quality.
The only DL media to get is Verbatim +R DL , 2.4x in your case.

Your burner will probably burn this Verb media without any firmware upgrade but it’s best you do that first anyway.

Whoa. :eek: There are 26 different possible downloads there, and none of them say 2510A. Please reassure me that the “Original NEC 2510 firmware 2.19” is the one I need. Thanx.

I DO feel cheated by Home Depot into paying $30 for 25 DL DVDs if they are of unacceptable quality. Can I use them for single-layer burning? Or should I just chuck 'em?

Use this, it’s one of the latest modified versions

I had an issue with 2.FA not bitsetting my DL burn that I tried, but the above version properly bitset it. They both use all the same write strategies though so they should be about the same FW.

Thanks to all of you.

Did you finally get your problem fixed? and did you find the right firmwre to upgrade your drive?.

Not yet. I had to teach a class this evening, and don’t want to risk permanent damage to my DVD+R drive until I’m rested and alert.

I would recommend 2.FA at strongest. It has all the latest write strategies and when having problem with bitsetting use Liggy’s Binflash or WinBType. :smiley:

Link to 2FA bin firmware, flash with Binflash.

BTW, I’m working nightshift and when I come home I’ll for sure flash a drive or two, heh. :wink:

2.19 uses the same latest write strategies according to Liggy and Dee’s strategy revision list. I use Binflash for all of my flashes. It might have just been a strange fluke, but I burned one DL disc with 2.FA and it didn’t bitset, I then tried 2.19 and it did bitset it properly.

Just use Verbatim +R DL media, as suggested before.

Other brands are useless (for you).